Aesthetic is a relative term, but walking around Kensington I certainly found mine. Row upon row of traditional London terrace housing that has been individualised by the owner makes this place a hub of creativity and inspiration in the simplest of forms.


This beautiful striped pillar stood alone amongst a street of white 3 storey terraces. It is a bold statement in a conventionally prestigious area of London and demonstrates that modern art can be sophisticated.


A further wander took myself and my friend/tour guide to the secluded back street corner of Codrington Mews where a piece of art inspired by The XX adorns 2 walls.


The beauty of this piece is only made more special by its hidden nature, many people would simply walk past this dead end street unaware of the masterpiece within.


Rows of pastel houses bring a sense of the coast to the bustling city. This, another dead end road off Kings Road near the Saatchi Gallery, has perhaps 25 houses each of a different pastel colour that stand together in a rainbow street that can do nothing but make you smile.


Our walking tour ended with a trip to Peggy Porschen Bakery. What’s a day without a cupcake right? And what a cupcake it was! I had a Strawberries and Champagne cupcake and Hannah (my best friend, I’m not referring to myself in 3rd person) had Salted Caramel.


Delicious treats were accompanied by even prettier interiors. Marble tables, pastel crockery and gorgeous fresh flowers made this a true haven of delicateness and feminine flare.


Our aim of the summer is to explore more of London in this manner. Whilst the tube is quick and convenient, walking provides the opportunity to see the unexpected, go wherever the day takes you and stumble upon hidden gems.