I attended a meet up/workshop event with Design Sprints around the subject of problem framing. The event was held in HereEast, a collection of buildings based just outside of Stratford. Upon arrival, the buildings astounded me with their modern architecture, colour scheme and innovative interior layout and design. They felt like the right place for an event based around a new way to look at the design process.

We were some of the first attendees to arrive and were greeted by the host, who initially was surprised that we were students. Given this, as the workshop began, we felt a little out of place and nervous since the room was full of experienced industry professionals, from Product Designers to PR and Design Management.  

The workshop began with a lecture on being able to categorise types of problems so that the correct methods and people can be put into place in order to create a successful solution. We then worked in teams of 6 to identify some problems, categorise them and then consider which we would like to discuss further.

It was within this section of the event that I began to feel more relaxed and confident within my abilities despite being surrounded by more experienced attendees. We chose to take the problem of the gender pay gap forward and in the next aspect of the workshop, we aimed to write and frame this problem in the most concise and clear way possible. The framework we used was very helpful (see image) and it is something I have definitely taken away from the event and will use in my own practice.  

At the end of the event, we were able to network and speak to people who mostly pointed out how impressed they were that students took the time to attend such events. I left the event feeling extremely confident in myself and my abilities and in the career I was aiming to pursue. The knowledge I am gaining is highly valuable and of interest to professionals which has encouraged me to work hard and get the best possible degree and portfolio I can.