Fear and love, two very contradicting terms. Both express extreme feelings but can equally go hand in hand. Until the 23rd of April 2017 The Design Museum has had exhibition running entitled Fear & Love. In which the two feelings are expressed through feats of design from around the world. As expressed at the start of the exhibition “design is at the heart of many of the pressing issues of our time” and through the work the museums aim is to “challenge the perceptions of what design is and how is it presented.”.

In the ever growing world of technology, GPS location services are becoming a common feature of new devices. On one hand this feature is helpful and beneficial for security and connectivity, however, there is also a sense of violating privacy. For apps such as Grinder this aspect has created an opportunity for openness and community amongst gay men. The idea of intimate strangers has allowed feelings of “love” to be found in the most difficult of circumstances, as described by a Syrian refugee that used Grinder to find other gay men once he had fled his homophobic, war stricken country.

In June 2016 the people of Britain voted to exit the European Union. Whilst this was the majority vote it created fear amongst the public on what the next steps would be and what it would mean for us as a country. In this section of the exhibition a living room of Europe was created. Each piece from an different country of the continent to show the diverse range of products and designs Europe has given us. The room expresses how design in Europe is collaborative and relies upon trading between nations. Perhaps this was a political stance or simply an expression of our diverse continent.

Meet Mimus, the inquisitive robot that will seek you out as you walk around her. Situated in the middle of the exhibition, she thrives on people passing her walls and leaning in for a closer look. Mimus aims to highlight the fear and/or love humans have for the idea of an increased use of robots within our society. Will they take our jobs or will they allow us to advance in what we can achieve?

Fear and Love, two very contradicting terms, but through design they can be visualised, assessed and brought together in harmony.