Last week I got the opportunity to leave my desk and turn decks of inspiration into reality with the junior designer on my team. Through her vision and organisation, to get things ordered and supplied on time, we were able to pull together Mrs. Fogg’s Winter Terrace in just 2 days.

Part of the Winter Forest in Broadgate circle, Mrs. Fogg’s pop up allows customers to experience the world of the Fogg’s branch without taking a chance to book a table at the busy main venue. The task was to bring the essence of the venue downstairs up to the terrace of Broadgate circle, add a touch of Christmas spirit, and bring to life the 3 bare wooden huts that stood before us when we arrived on Monday morning.

80 metres of fabrics, 15 cardboard stars, 2 garlands of pom pom and 3 laser cut wooden signs later the Indian Christmas grotto was complete. It was eye-opening to understand the translation of 2D drawings and images into 3D realities and made me realise how important it is to think of all my designs and ideas beyond the page. How can I push what to do in my own practice to produce something like the pop up at Mrs. Fogg’s. How can my work go beyond its limits and demonstrate the brand in a different light?

The nature of this work lent itself to skills I have yet to explore during my uni course and demonstrate the breadth of tasks that come hand in hand with an in-house design team. It is currently my knowledge that these types of jobs will not be undertaken by the likes of myself if this were an agency brief set by an external client, so it was nice to be given the opportunity to see the job through and have something physical to show at the end of it. It was also an opportunity to think on my feet, make decisions when problems arose and push the boundaries on what was already down on paper in order to make the finished outcome even more special.

Mrs. Fogg’s Winter Terrace is open until the 23rd of December 2018, serving hot and cold tipples, wine, beer, prosecco and non-alcoholic beverages, so be sure to go and check out the pop-up whilst you still can!