I can’t believe I’m here again, writing at the end of another term and this time it’s the end of first year… When people ask about my degree and I mention it’s a three year course it seems like a lifetime away until graduation but at the rate this year has flown by I’ll be stood in the gown and cap (hopefully) in no time. It’s scary to think that after 15 years in education I potentially only have 2 years left. That’s two more years to finalise future plans, two more summers of no worries and two more years to bank on the student discounts.

The briefs of this term were entitled Locating Practice and Brand Narratives. The first, a self exploratory project, tasked us to design a creative cv or leave behind that spoke about who we are and what we would bring to the table as an employee. Of course this couldn’t just be a plain sheet of A4 copy, (we are art students after all), we had to come up with a concept that told the story of our personality, skills and quirks in a manner that would be appropriate for our chosen area of design. The most valuable outcome of this project for me was defining my desired career path. Food. Beside design, food is my passion and what a dream it would be to be able to combine the 2 and enter into a food branding career.

(the ‘It’s Me’ image isn’t my work but something I saw on the side of a toilet cubicle and seems highly fitting)

The second project saw the first group work of the degree. Working in a group of 3 we had to brand a new menswear tailoring (with a twist) line of clothing. I throughly enjoyed working in a group, learning new skills from one another and collaborating to produce some of my favourite work to date.                                                                          
Head over to my Instagram hannah_mayalldesign to see the finished work.

With this term has also come some glorious weather here in London and I weirdly feel very humble to be able to stroll around parks, set myself up under a tree and read, do work or sleep. It is moments like these where I feel extremely proud of myself for achieving my dream of studying in the capital.

As a side note these past couple of months have also seen tragedy strike in London, first with Westminster, then London Bridge and as I write this I am watching the events of the fire in Kensington unfold. As a girl from a small village these events have been eye opening to the harsh world in which we live. A feeling of uneasiness stayed with me for a number of days after these events, however, the astonishing nature of the human race who came out in support, respect and love demonstrates the power of unity and the fight against fear, which is a comforting thought.

Im excited now to have a fun filled summer, work hard, save and move out of halls into a new flat with my best friends. Roll on September. ~Hannah

p.s I finally get to see this little one after 10 weeks :)))))))