For the past 7 weeks, I have been a part of the strategy team at creative brand agency BrandOpus. An agency specialising in brand creation and design, BrandOpus strive to unearth the root purpose of any company or service that walks through their doors and present this to consumers in a thought-provoking, creative and practical manner.

You can check out some of their incredible work here:

My time with BrandOpus taught me a range of skills, all very different from those I acquired during my first internship. This time I learn to close Adobe and think of concepts prior to visualisation. I have always been highly interested in learning the ropes of what makes a great strategist and the team at BrandOpus certainly didn’t fail.

I spent a lot of time reading, research and piecing together knowledge from sites such as LSN Global and Dieline to understand culture and the trends that are currently shaping our world. This was all in aid of answering a brief I was set on my first day (stay tuned for a portfolio post regarding this project) but also the knowledge I acquired also allowed me to contribute to some live project with new and upcoming brands. I learnt how to build a brand ladder based on a fundamental insight and ensure that every run reflected the previous in order to establish a cohesive and genuine brand. At BrandOpus there is strategy to their strategy.

I was involved in new business pitches, naming sessions, rebrand strategies and brand activation brainstorms. The experience taught me about how important strategy is for a brand to be successful and also how crucial the delivery of a well thought out strategy is to the design team to ensure they create a strong visual representation of the idea.

The strategic process and brand building platform that I learnt from my time with BrandOpus is something that I am eager to integrate into my own practice, especially within the final year of my degree. It will give my project richness and a true underpinning within culture; after all in order to survive brands must have a true purpose.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at BrandOpus for being so welcoming and inspiring and for allowing me to be part of the incredible work that they produce.