I have decided to start a series in my blog, documenting my time at uni. I hope these will be both beneficial to readers in terms of what university life is like and also to myself as something to reflect on and reminisce once (if everything goes to plan) I have my degree.

Starting with the move would perhaps be a good place to begin. For someone from a close knit family, a small village and a reasonably quiet part of the country, moving to one of the biggest cities in the world was a shock to say the least. I’ve dreamt of studying in London ever since I chose my GCSE subjects, so whilst I was full of excitement and anticipation the move was like taking a leap into the unknown. One way I was able to settle in comfortably was to make my room as homely as possible.

Pictures of family and friends, comfy pillows and blankets and a co-ordinating colour scheme (I couldn’t be a graphic designer if I didn’t pay attention to the aesthetics) have helped me to feel comfortable and at home in my halls.

I have also taken the opportunity to explore London and establish myself with the transport and local area. There is still a lot of adventures to be had but visiting Camden market, sailing down The Thames partying the night away and watching the New Year firework display on the riverbank have definitely been highlights.

As for uni (because that happened too amongst all the fun) I have thoroughly enjoyed the theoretical side of my course, understanding the social impact brands have and how as a design student I must immerse myself in all aspects of the art world. The studio project taught me the values of self motivation and self criticism, both of which I will be taking forward into my new project.

But without doubt the biggest part of this first term has been the amazing people I have met. I am convinced that I have made friends for life and uni wouldn’t be the same without them.

Here’s to 2017 and a Happy New Year!