First things first, this term has flown by. No sooner had I returned to London after a lovely Christmas break with my family, my deadline was upon me and stress levels had increased with the workload of managing two projects at once.

As a cohort we were pushed this term. Two completely different projects, each with different outcomes and the task to create a collective process document to pull it all together. This way of working opened my eyes to the real world of graphic design careers, where your head is in 20 different places at once, remembering to dedicate as much time and effort to each project and still allowing time for self creativity and relaxation.

Our briefs were to design a survival kit for someone serving their first prison sentence and secondly, to design an app for a client within the class cohort to meet their needs of uni life. Reflecting on the outcomes now (2 weeks after I handed in) I feel slightly disheartened with my work, particularly for the packaging project. I know in myself that the outcome was not a true reflection of my ability, the lines were not sleek and the contents not perfect. I can say, however, that the design concept and execution was strong. Perhaps this is where my strength lie, in the concept and creation of who the brand is and what they stand for. After all we can’t all be master craftsmen. If anything this term has taught me to dedicate more time to the final creation of my work, to take advantage of the facilitates on offer at uni and to consider how my brands should be reflected throughout the whole final outcome, not just the concept itself.

In other news I got myself a part time job this term at a local pub. Whilst this has been greatly beneficial to my bank account it has given me a chance to concentrate on something other than uni work for a few hours a week. It gets me out of my flat and has improved my communication skills, something which is vital for the industry I aim to enter.

I’m looking forward to term 3 of this first year. It’s a final push to complete the year but scary to think a third of my degree is nearly complete. I wish time would just slow down.