I am sat writing this entry, after what seems like forever, at the dining room table in my new flat. After a quick fire few weeks of property viewing, signing agreements and countless hours on hold to bills companies myself and my flat mate made the move on August the 13th. Moving out of halls saw the official end of first year, it was sad to be leaving what has theoretically been my first home here in London but also comforting to know that I have had this year to settle into the city, find my feet, make friends and grow used to the idea of no longer living at home in the secure environment of halls where everyone is in the same boat.

It has been a very eye opening experience finding a property and setting up the necessary finances. The world of legal documentation and setting up accounts is confusing and resulted in many a phone call to my parents querying everything. Although I have found that simply explaining to the person on the other end of the line that you’re a student and you have no idea what you are doing, results in them becoming pretty helpful. As a warning to people moving into private accommodation remember to apply for council tax, students don’t pay the tax but you must register and apply for an exemption or you’ll get fined.

As for the actual flat, aesthetically we are so so happy. It is 2 double bedrooms split over 2 levels with the kitchen and lounge downstairs and the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. We also have a little balcony which we have adorned with Astroturf and deck chairs to make use of the outdoor space. And of course there are fairy lights everywhere, not only does this look cute but its also a fantastic way to save on electric.

And as a side note we have a bar… complete with hand painted rose rimmed glasses and a copper cocktail set. Just because we are students doesn’t mean we have to scrimp on alcohol, it may be Tesco’s own brand vodka but if its in a pretty glass no one will ever know. ~Hannah