Nestled on a fairly ordinary high street in Hackney is Palm Vaults Cafe, a vegetarians and pink aesthetic lovers dream. A seemingly standard shop front is the gateway to a tropical, peaceful paradise of good food, exotic drinks and lush greenery.

Once seated at a gorgeous marble mirrored table we read through the menu which had a vast selection of dishes from smoothie bowls to open toasts and panini’s. Despite not being a vegetarian myself the selection was fruitful and exciting. Eventually after much debate I chose fig, goats cheese and walnuts on sourdough with a dragon fruit smoothie.

Rustic odd plates and vintage glasses transport this high street cafe to the cobbles of a European city. There was something about sitting and eating off marbled plates, surrounded by hanging plants that felt tranquil and continental. As for the food, it was utterly divine. The contrast of subtly sour toast with velvety cheese, sweet figs and crunchy walnuts was like a heaven for a foodie like me and in the end I couldn’t resist treating myself to one of Palm Vaults homemade macadamia nut brownies to take home for later.

I plan on exploring London via food more this summer. Perhaps this will become another series on this blog…The London Food Diaries? And Palm Vaults was certainly a good place to start. ~Hannah