I figured the best way to start a blog would be with a cliché welcome post. The ‘who am I’ post that lets you, the reader, know about me.

So welcome, my name is Hannah and I have recently moved to London to pursue a career in brand development. Now a BA Graphic Branding and Identity student at UAL I hope in a few years time I will be able to write ‘I work as a brand developer’ but that’s a post for another time.

Branding has always been my passion in the field of graphic design, both its visual and subconscious impact on the consumer is powerful and fascinating. Having carried out a reasonably extensive piece of research during my a level graphic design course, into the meaning of the word brand, I hope to further extend my knowledge and passion through undergraduate learning and immersing myself into city life. Coming from a small village up north, the idea of living and studying in one of the biggest cities in the world where brands can grow and thrive is exciting.

You’re maybe also wondering about the origin of the title of this post ‘That girl with the orange everything…’. To put it in short I’m obsessed with the colour orange. It’s almost certain that if it’s orange I’ll like it or it will at least capture my attention. I also have an extensive list of clothing and accessories in the colour (see feature photo for the orange tote). And I hope you’ve noticed the theme I have on my blog…

From this page you should expect to follow me on my degree course, as well as any adventures I go on throughout my time, creative discoveries and ultimately things that inspire me or I just think are cool.

So stay tuned