A tourist’s perception of London would be very different from that of an inhabitant. Type into Google, ‘London’ and images of icons such as The London Eye and Buckingham Palace  will come up describing London as a tourist hub and centre of global activity. However, ask someone who lives here what they value or how they see London and the answer will probably be completely different. A city cannot be described with one fixed idea as it is dependent upon the people who occupy the spaces and the scenarios that occur.

Above is a work that Hall created out of the research, with every individual shop on the road linked with its country of origin. It focuses on how nothing is ever strictly local, more likely national and global. They are all interlinked and connected through people, products or services, in the same way that every aspect of our lives is governed by brands. We also cannot escape the interconnectivity of ourself with the rest of the globe.

Whilst the buzz and connectivity of cities is imperative to many peoples lives it is important not to create our identities exclusively based upon life in the city. Exploration of the world we live in is important for a well rounded, educated outlook on life.