It was around June just before we embarked on our DPS year, that myself and an incredible team of talented creatives landed the opportunity to design the 2018 Wieden and Kennedy Christmas window. After pitching an outlining idea to the Creative Director it was all systems go to flourish our vision into a fully functioning, interactive window that embodied the W&K theme of celebrating 20 years as an independent design agency.

This was unlike any project we had ever worked on before, having to tackle new challenges, skills and collaborations. We spent many sessions working with the W&K team, establishing a visual style, set design and a strong narrative that linked the wacky world of the window with the amazing work W&K do and the fantastic charity they support- St Joseph’s Hospice.

On the 19th of December, we launched The Curious Confectioners, a place for passers-by to tantalise their taste buds on our weird and wonderful sweet concoctions. The window features a stage like a set design that depicted our confectioner’s shop and secret laboratory. Row upon row of brightly filled jars entices the audience to make their own independent choice and say yes to a new choice. We chose to create custom sweet flavours that viewers may have never seen before, these included rock flavours of Mince Pie, Chocolate Orange and Apple & Cinnamon.

The project, of course, didn’t come without its challenges. For many of us, this was the first time working for a real-life client, having to attend regular meetings and having to consistently deliver progression on the project in order to move it forward towards the launch date. But all of this has come down to months of invaluable experience, a relationship with a world-renowned design agency and a fantastic project to inject into our portfolios.

As a team myself, Hannah Woodall, Lakhi Son, Pheobe Man, Laura Rojas and Adamandia Pashalidi are extremely grateful to have been able to carry out this project and present a piece of work that we are all extremely proud of. A massive thank you to the team at Wieden and Kennedy for bringing our vision to life and also to Laura Vent whom we couldn’t have completed the project without.